The Symbolic Meaning of Colors

Red: Blood of Jesus, sacrifice, fire, courage, boldness, war

Blue: Symbolic of heaven and authority, Holy Spirit, integrity, justice, revelation

Purple: Kingship of Jesus, royalty

Green: Prosperity, growth, life (especially new life)

White: Purity, light, righteousness, holiness, surrender

Silver: Redemption, refining process

Gold: Divine Nature of Jesus, glory, faith of the saints, refining process

Iridescent: Glory of His Presence

Pink:(Web. Dictionary) Highest or finest, healthy or fit, to adorn or embellish, somewhat radical

Brown: Earthen vessels, humility

Burgundy: New wine

Black: Death, mourning, sorrow, suffering, sin, fear of the Lord


This is the short list. For a more complete explaination you can order the booklet "The Symbolic Meanings of Colors"



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